B2B Field Sales

With the help of augmented reality, your sales reps can present your products in an ultra realistic way directly in your customer’s environment, or have your clients take a look at your entire facility or infra structure from one location by using virtual reality. Increase the visual impact of your presentations thus closing deals much faster.

Access your projects instantaneously

Easily share your product models with your team and clients, thus optimizing communication and visualization issues.



Increase eCommerce conversion rate & reduce returns.Integrate Argick into your mobile site or app. Allow your customers to try your entire inventory in life-like augmented reality from their homes through their smartphones or tablets. Let your shoppers see if your inventory object in question fits in the room – without needing to break out their measuring tape.

It also helps them get a visual sense of what the room will look like with the new objects added and because the image is in 3D, you can walk around it to see it from different sides – which also helps with consumers’ buying decisions. This real-time augmented reality experience for retail removes the guesswork when shopping online and facilitates the path to purchase.

In Store

Make it far easier for consumers to try your products. Let them virtually test that bold red lipstick or sleek new watch. Allow them to try/test out what your product can do for or look like on them or provide AR tutorials to guide them. Let your products or adverts unlock all the information a potential buyer or user needs -- reviews, complementary items, tutorials and more. Increase the likelihood of sales by helping customers on their purchase journey.