Nothing compares to VR games, which not only allow to observe the game, but to get inside of it. 360-video content and dense graphics provide the feeling of presence.

Immersive experience

Accelerate your prototyping process and envision your final product in a real world environment before going into production or installation. Iterate much faster, thus saving time,cost and labour.

New level of interaction

he release of controllers made the crucial turn for interaction with VR surroundings. Now players can control and modify the game environment at their own will. Also, soon ultimate VR gaming experiences are going to be achieved through all human senses.


VR technology is becoming a new boosting factor in creating gaming content. Genres like shooters, adventures or simulations, got enhanced thanks to VR. The habitual role of a protagonist is gaining more value.


The entertainment industry is one of the most enthusiastic advocates of virtual reality, most noticeably in games and virtual worlds. These environments enable members of the public to engage with the exhibits in ways which were previously forbidden or unknown. They wear virtual reality glasses with stereoscopic lenses which allow them to see 3D objects and at different angles.

And in some cases they can interact with the exhibits by means of an input device such as a data glove.An example of this is a historical building which the member of the public can view at different angles. Plus they are able to walk through this building, visiting different rooms to find out more about how people lived at that particular time in history.

Popular Areas Include

- Virtual Museums (Interactive Exhibitions)
- Easier Galeries
- Theatre (Interactive Performances)
- Virtual Theme Parks
- Discovery Centres