About ARGick

Argick technologies is a full service software development company specializing in AR, VR, MR & application development. Argick’s team comprises of young,driven and passionate individuals with years of experience in the field. Founded in May 2018, Argick currently has branches in France & India.


The vision at Argick is to constantly provide innovative & high quality solutions at very affordable prices, so that all businesses can embrace the power of AR,VR and MR. We hope to make AR & VR as mainstream as the smartphone.


At Argick, every person in our company is unique with very strong personalities and very high talent. We do however pride ourselves at being able to keep our creative differences aside and work together as a team. Our objective is to provide the highest quality service at the most affordable rates so that no client goes unsatisfied. We also pride ourselves in our ability to come up with unique and innovative solutions that give our clients an experience they will always remember.